Light Vehicle Rescue

Need a Tow have a fleet of tow trucks on standby to respond on any type of light vehicle towing.

Heavy Vehicle & Big Rig Rescue

When it comes to towing, a monster is needed to haul a monster.

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Broken Down?  Rolled Your Vehicle?  Truck Playing Up?  Someone in your Parking Space?

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Do you Need-A-Tow?

Here at Rotorua Towing Services, Big Rig Rescue and Taupo Towing Company, we respond to your call if you require towing, removal or other assistance.  When it comes to moving small or large vehicles and machinery about the country, we’re your experts. We are located in the Bay of Plenty and Central Plateau regions with bases in both Rotorua and Taupo to ensure you have all of your towing needs covered!

We have an expert team who are able to quickly figure out your needs and respond in the most efficient way, to help you get back on the road or back to work sooner. As a family owned and operated business with over 100 years combined experience, we know that when things go wrong for you, it’s stressful! We do our best to manage your situation and care for our customers day or night

Towing, removal and recovery 24/7

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Our Services:

Light Vehicle Rescue

Just like rain on your wedding day, a broken down vehicle when you have got to be somewhere to be isn’t ideal! Not to worry, we know hanging out on the side of the road isn’t fun (unless you are hitchhiking) so we get to you promptly.  We safely and quickly pick up your vehicle and get you and your precious vessel back to one of our depots in Rotorua or Taupo, home or the mechanic!

We know people, so we can also point you in the right direction when you need to fix your vehicle too. Our friendly Towies will even provide some light-hearted chit chat on the way to your destination. Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Heavy Vehicle Recovery

Time is money! At Big Rig Rescue we know time is precious so getting you and your rig sorted is top priority. Look no further for a highly specialised team and equipment to promptly and safely tow your Rig to its next destination. We have capacity to store it safely and securely if needed in Rotorua or Taupo and as truckies ourselves, we understand your situation.
It’s important to use experts when towing or moving large vehicles or machinery, get it right the first time with an immensely experienced team, leaders in the industry.
“Thank you for the efficient service on the job, and the personality and skills of your man on the job…hence the prompt payment in appreciation…and needless to say I will sing your praises whenever I can.”


Recovery & Salvage

Sometimes the worst happens, we see it all the time. Not to worry though, Need a Tow make the best of a bad situation and get your recovery or salvage operation underway asap. With an expert team and specialised gear, with safety and speed in mind we will get your recovery or salvage operation sorted! Call us for a quote.

27/7 Winching

Got yourself in a pickle? Not to worry, we’ve seen it all and have a solution.  Need a Tow have the right equipment and the right staff to solve most sticky problems.
Give us a call to see how we can help you.

Vehicle Transport

Commonly referred to as automobile or car shipping, Need a Tow transports vehicles and machinery around Rotorua and Taupo areas.  We offer professional assistance as well as a smooth and effective transit for your vehicle.  Call us to discuss your moving options.
“When my VW Golf decided to blow up on the last leg of my long haul trip returning to Rotorua, I had no idea what to do! With no roadside assistance in place, I called Needatow, Rotorua Towing Services and they arrived on the scene within 30 minutes. They knew I was stressed and handled the situation really well. Dropping me off home on the way and delivering my prized possession off to the workshop was no big deal for my friendly driver. Thanks for helping me out!”

Natalie, Waikite Valley

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