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Transport Services

Need to transit heavy equipment or materials across different job sites, Rotorua Towing Services, Taupo Towing Company and Big Rig Rescue are your dependable partners for safe and effective transportation services to any point throughout The Bay of Plenty, South Waikato and Central Plateau.

Our transportation service is what you need whenever you need professional assistance for smooth and effective transit of your vehicle/equipment or materials wherever you are in Rotorua and Taupo areas.

Since 1988, we have efficiently provided smooth and reliable transportation services for all types and sizes of vehicles and heavy equipment. Rotorua Towing Services and Taupo Towing Company are both responsible for light vehicle transportation while Big Rig Rescue (Rotorua and Taupo) is the Big Boy of the company, for trucks and heavy equipment haulage.

Sometimes a Forklift just won’t cut it!

Health and safety is paramount in any business now. Don’t put your team in any risky situations by trying to make your equipment perform outside of what they were designed for. We are expert movers and we have the gear to do things in a safer and efficient way. Avoid the risking damage to your materials or products and of course your people! Give us a call. We know what we are doing.

“We shift heavy plate metal, equipment and machines around all the time.  Often we need bigger, more precision gear to move our products, especially when we are packaging up for shipping.  We call Rotorua Towing Services to assist us.  It saves us a lot of time and ensures that our safety protocols are adhered to, as well as making sure our equipment is moved without damage.”

-Plazmax, Rotorua

Light Vehicle Transport

Both Rotorua and Taupo Towing are equipped with state of the art specialised tow trucks and equipment to safely and effectively transit all types of light vehicles. We offer 24 hour wheel lift and flatbed towing services through our easy to reach round the clock dispatch center.

Heavy Trucks & Equipment Transport

Big Rig Rescue is the heavyweight of our three companies. The company is responsible for hauling and recovering all types of heavy trucks and equipment. You call, we haul!