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Recovery & Salvaging

Down a ditch to rolled on a highway – if you think we haven’t seen it before, guess again!

Rotorua Towing Services, Big Rig Rescue and Taupo Towing Company is a home-grown towing team that you can truly count on for all types of recovery and salvaging jobs. We’ve been around for 19 years, so our expertise is paramount. We offer both light and heavy recovery and salvaging services on and off the road. Our corporate group (Rotorua Towing, Taupo Towing, and Big Rig Rescue) have fleets of heavy duty specialised trucks on standby and ready to be dispatched in a jiffy.

Here at Rotorua Towing Services, Big Rig Rescue and Taupo Towing Company, we value all our customers so we never hesitate going the extra mile just to ensure total client satisfaction. And in the case of those looking for temporary but safe storage location for salvaged property, Rotorua Towing Services, Big Rig Rescue and Taupo Towing Company have secure storage facilities.

We have an enduring relationship with the New Zealand Police and are proudly their preferred service provider in our regions.

Need our help? Here’s what happens next.

We will assess your needs and evaluate the best way forward, this includes:

  • Decide which of our Rotorua or Taupo expert team will best match your needs;
  • Which of our specialised Rigs is best for your job;
  • and finally, provide you with a rundown of timeframe, approach and costs and put an effective plan in place.

24/7 Winching & Pull-Out

Got stuck in sand, mud, or snow? Lost traction and rolled? Rotorua Towing Services, Big Rig Rescue and Taupo Towing Company are dedicated and equipped with a wide array of heavy duty winch out trucks to deliver the fastest and most hassle free pull out service, in every situation.

At Rotorua Towing Services, Big Rig Rescue and Taupo Towing Company, no job is too big or too complex to handle. From displaced cargo to mud-stuck vehicles, our winch-out crews employ proven effective and innovative techniques to deliver the fastest solution to your problem.

On a farm or in the forest?

No problem, we will make it work. Talk to us and we will talk you through how we will deal with it.

Have you been in an Accident?

  • If you have been in an accident, first and foremost, check that everyone involved is ok and move to a safer area.
  • Call 111 if someone has been hurt or if you suspect someone has been hurt. We would suggest that the police are called in any instance, as keeping traffic flowing safely will be essential. You will be required to stay on the line, so have a second person or phone to call us.
  • Even if your vehicle is blocking traffic, leave it where it is, particularly if there is uncertainty about what happened in the accident
  • Call us to move your vehicle, this won’t be immediately done for you.